How often will I need treatment?
There are no set number of treatments as everyone recovers at different rates. Some patients only require 1 or 2 treatments, others commit themselves to 4 or 5 sessions, usually on a weekly basis, and then review progress. 
Where Acupuncture makes a difference most patients opt to return on a monthly or seasonal basis to maintain their health.

Is it safe?
Acupuncture has a very good track record. All of the needles used are sterile, single-use and disposable. The needles are much smaller than those used for injections and do not cause discomfort during insertion. The sensation is more like pins and needles or a dull ache, if anything is felt. Although rare, minor bruises may appear on the insertion points. Mild sensations of light-headedness or tiredness can also occur, but all of these things are short lived. If a patient has a phobia of needles a course of acupressure is suggested. The technique involved is similar to Acupuncture but uses fingers, hands, thumbs, elbows etc… to manipulate the points instead of needles.


David - The agony of sciatica led me to Teresa and after 3 treatments the pain and immobility had eased to such an extent that alongside following some sensible advice, allowed me to resume my physically demanding job.

Deborah - Concerned about my health and suffering from insomnia and headaches, Teresa has been able to help me to see how some of my  lifestyle choices were contributing to my symptoms. Her amazingly relaxing Acupuncture treatments led to better sleep within 2 treatments  and Teresa's insightful and caring manner helped me to see how I could also help myself to better health. 

Julia - I had re occurring candida for the past 4 years, normal treatments eased the symptoms but it always came back. Acupuncture and continuing dietry advice made a difference not only to my being candida free for longer periods but also helped me to have better quality sleep and feeling less anxiety.  

Jane - In the past 18 months I lost my husband and brother and had been feeling low and very anxious. I wasn't sleeping and my digestion was giving me uncomfortable symptoms. Seeing Teresa and having acupuncture has helped me to sleep better and reduced my stomach pains, I also found the treatments extremely relaxing